Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Color your world!

Color always takes center stage, no matter the shade - in your wardrobe, in your house and garden. We surround ourselves with our favorites, whether it's a color that makes you glow and therefore you receive many compliments when wearing it, or the interior color of your home and the lush gardens we so lovingly and painstakingly plant each spring. The colors we choose for ourselves reflect our personality and individuality.
We choose the colors that we are attracted to for many reasons- they 'speak' to you, bright, bold, soft, sophisticated, chic, the "it" color of the season. If you find a color palette that you love and it compliments you - enjoy it and wear it well!

In the long winter months where the sun is absent in most places, a POP of color is a great way to boost your mood. The colors we choose for ourselves reflect our personality and individuality. Think 'citrus' shades, lemon yellow, orange, and lime green to liven up a sophisticated wardrobe of gray, black and brown. A little POP goes a long way. A shocking pink or turquoise shade of blue is always stunning when paired with the gray, black, brown and mixed with the citrus shades as well. If you're not sure about these colors, then try some unusual color combinations in small accessories at first, either in your jewelry or home accessories and watch your mood be uplifted.

These examples of colors are:

white - cool crisp
pale pink - soft feminine
beige- understated, tailored
yellow- bright, cheerful
orange -warm
red- powerful
fuchsia - playful
chartreuse - contemporary, fun
green - classic, eco friendly
blue -conservative
purple - regal
brown - updated classic
black - sophisticated