Saturday, October 30, 2010

"Leading Moms in Business Competition" Winner!

Thank you to all of my loyal customers, friends and family who have supported me and watched as The Elegant Bead has grown from a hobby to a business over the last 15 years.

Cathy Mittelman Begun, owner/designer of The Elegant Bead, has been designing her jewelry collections for the chic, trendy, classic women and ingenues for the last 15 years! Her eye for color and ability to mix pearls, stunning stones, a hint of sparkle along with the unique accents make her designs truly special! Prom, Bridal, Motherhood, everyday and every occasion in between, The Elegant Bead has the perfect piece of jewelry for you!

As a mom, I have been fortunate to be able to create and build The Elegant Bead while spending time with my children thru school and all of their activities. In turn, they have watched, learned and also helped me in many facets with The Elegant Bead from customer mailings, home boutique trunk shows, and larger craft shows and customer service. I feel like we all have had a win-win situation and feel great that I have been able to teach them the finer things about being a mom and entrepreneur!

I am looking forward to continuing to make everyone "shine and sparkle!'

Thanks to and for hosting this competition.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Orange - The 'It' Shade

Orange is such a vibrant, dynamic and happy color, but people either love to wear it or say they can't wear it when it comes to clothing, but they are more willing to enjoy it many other ways ~ such as eating, cooking with oranges or while they enhance their homes with the tropical scent from lotions, candles and that will transport them to the tropics! A big bowl of oranges also looks great on the kitchen table in a beautiful bowl especially in a contrasting shade; two of my favorite color combination's for this are royal blue or a lime green! The color contrast is lively and oh so much fun! Dream a little dream...

The hues of orange are quite varied and cheerful. The shades range from bright to muted ~ think of these colors of orange, tangerine, mango, peach, cantaloupe, coral, crystal copper, cognac, pumpkin. Go for orange if you want to step out in a brightly colored day dress. Each will look a little better on certain hair and skin tones. The most universally flattering bold color, it has warmth and comes in countless shades. For those with light hair, skin and eyes, go for a sunny cantaloupe. Brunettes with brown eyes and olive complexions, try a mango. For darker complexions, a deep tangerine is your best bet. (InStyle, What to Wear Now, October 2010)

With so many shades of orange you can put together many ensembles from your closet. As we head into fall and winter, orange is a perfect color choice to pair with a classics palette of camel, beige, winter white, navy and grey. Talk about brightening up a dull day and your mood will be elevated! Turquoise and fuchsia look great when combined with all of the shades listed above, although some may think it's more on the summer tropical side. Mango and fuchsia is a fun color combination to wear together - looks fabulous with denim! Add turquoise earrings and voila! you're good to go! I love both of those combos paired together and wear them all year round! Lately, many shades of orange and coral have been seen in more winter fabrics so these hues can be enjoyed all year. A soft purple hue is also very complimentary to orange without coming across to forced.

Have fun and try a shade of orange that makes you smile ~ maybe in a unusual pair of earrings, unique necklace or bracelet, belt or purse and even in your home decor with that vibrant bowl of oranges or even treat yourself to a bouquet of orange flowers! You'll be radiant!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

What Shall I Wear Today?

Good-bye summer, hello autumn!

Yes, today is the first official day of fall 2010! Here in Denver, we have been graced with a fabulous Indian Summer so far this September, as I am sure many other locales have been as well. (I am personally loving every minute of it!) This is also the time of the year when we are tired of the summer clothes as they are a tad lightweight in feel and look for the cooler morning temps - yet perfect for the rest of the day, but we are also ready to wear what we've already purchased for fall, maybe at FASHION'S NIGHT OUT a few days ago?

"What shall I wear today" is the age old question - nothing short of putting our mornings into a tailspin! I agree, but I have a few of my own "never fail" outfits that are always right, every day, place and occasion! When I am faced with running late, outfits not looking right for whatever reason, I head to my black and white combos! Whether it be in a printed black and white dress or separates they are always right! In spring and summer, they may be more white jeans, cream pants or skirts on the bottom with black sweaters, blazers, embellished T's on top. For fall, pair these with a animal print belt, flats or purse and look perfect. Depending on where you're heading that day, you can dress this ever chic classic combo with the appropriate accessories and maybe a burst of color if you wish. Voila! You're good to go! Recently, many women must've had the same "what shall I wear today?" dilemma, as I was having a trunk show and saw 10 ladies all in black and white combos of all kinds and every lady looked tres chic!

Recently, I have fallen in love with another classic combo that gets me out the door fast this fall and again is always perfect for whatever event or occasion I am heading off to. Camel shades have been making their presence seen and it looks great!

Camel isn't the boring color from years past...when worn with's trendy and sleek, when paired with a punch of orange or red, it's tres chic, with black, grey or navy, it becomes classic and fabulous or even when a hint of leopard spots appear in your shoes, belts, purses, scarves... it's just spot on!

If when wearing the camel shade next to your face, isn't the best color for you, wear the camel on the bottom and put the more vibrant color near your face! Remember that too many spots can be overload so choose one leopard or other animal print at a time. Try the newer lightweight and updated denims with a tailored camel trouser, long necklaces and your favorite arm candy for a trendy look. Punch up the tailored camel coats and capes with fabulous printed scarves and gloves for additional color and warmth.

As the autumn turns into winter, both of these color combos will have you and me dressed and out the door in no time!

Happy Autumn!

Friday, September 10, 2010


Friday, September 10, 2010 -FASHION'S NIGHT OUT 2010 is here!

This year, the idea is the same as last year's first FNO, but this year is bigger and better than last year! Many stores, both large and small as well as many indie shops
( ie ~ and www. across the globe are having their own specials, from favorite designers appearing in many shops and stores to celebrities mixing drinks (Mary Kate and Ashley are reported to be playing bar tenders in NYC again this year) ~ to music of all kinds (Bette Midler and Sarah Jessica Parker are also rumored to be entertaining the customers by signing show tunes) ~ to have fun previewing the new spring 2011 fashion shows and of course - shopping!

Fashion is an important part of New York City's economy, with jobs, taxes etc and is very influential to the overall economy... so why not have fun tonight? What is being featured in the stores now, are the styles that were seen last year at FNO. Tonight's evening event has been compared to a New Year's Eve party! So, what are you waiting for? Put on your best denim, military inspired jacket, embellished tops, Manolo's, Jimmy Choo's, grab your satchel and off you go!

Check out your own city's events and have a blast celebrating

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

ENCHANTMENT -- Summer Fashion Market

The Elegant Bead is participating in a summer fashion market, ENCHANTMENT that features local designers from the metro Denver, Colorado area.

July 11th, 2010
Grant-Humphreys Mansion
770 Pennsylvania Street
Denver, CO 80203
$5.00 admission

Extravagant unions of fashion and history with stylish local looks captivate the season as Fashion Denver and the Grant Humphreys Mansion present the summer fashion market ENCHANTMENT on Sunday, July 11 from 10am to 4pm at 770 Pennsylvania Street. A beautiful landmark from the Colorado past, the Grant-Humphreys historic mansion serves as the ideal backdrop for jewelry, accessories, and clothing offered by talented local designers.

Proceeds from the $5 admission fee will help support the educational school field trip programs of the Grant-Humphreys Mansion and the Byers-Evans House Museum.

Exquisite jewelry, fun vibrant tutus, stylish handbags, and more will fill the mansion for all fashion devotees. As three, Parisian-style fashion shows wind their way through the many rooms of the mansion during the day, fashion and history will allure guest with fresh contemporary fashions for the season. Fashion Denver’s neighbor, Studio, will be adorning the models with elegant hairstyles while Sarah Bee creates radiance with her makeup talent.

Here's a sneak peak of a new necklace design! I am excited to participate in ENCHANTMENT and hope to see you there!

Thursday, September 10, 2009


I remember growing up in a small town in Northeastern Pennsylvania and being able to stay downtown to shop at night was a special treat, Mondays and Thursdays were the late nights stores were open. All other nights they closed at 6pm. These were the days before indoor malls and all stores open at least until 9 pm every night.

Tonight FASHION'S NIGHT OUT is a special night for fashion/ retailers in NYC and across the country. In New York City, the stores are staying open later (6-11pm), appetizers and champagne will be flowing, music, many designers and celebrities will make guest appearances. Sounds fabulous! Too bad New York City is across the country! Neiman Marcus has a special FASHION'S NIGHT OUT NYC T-shirt with 40% of proceeds will benefit The National September 11 Memorial and Museum.

The Elegant Bead is offering an additional 10% OFF all current designs in the galleries. Shop often and early - we are open 24/7!

I look forward to hearing about what everyone purchased during FASHION'S NIGHT OUT!

"may you shine and sparkle!"

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Congratulations Graduates!

Congratulations to all graduates!

May and June are graduation months, whether it be from high school or college. I am experiencing this first hand as my son will graduate next week from high school with many hard earned accolades! Although is this is an exciting time for all, it does pose a dilemma for many people as to gift-giving. My advice is if you're going to give jewelry (always welcomed!) this is the best time to start these young ingenues with a stunning wardrobe of jewelry from that she can build upon.

Pearls (June birthstone) are so chic that they are often the gift of choice. I have featured styles of pearls in prior posts, but there are so many choices of pearls that you can't go wrong in choosing between earrings, necklace or bracelet. They will take the wearer to looking great in a T-shirt/ jeans - to work - to a date! They are the epitome of chic - any day and any time!

Not sure of the recepient's favorite color? Shades of blue, in crystals, or iolite, turquoise, amazonite, blue labradorite, aquamarine and pearls are favorites as they coordinate with all shades of denim that is such a staple in all wardobes.

For the more fashion forward young lady, you can go with a hint of Bollywood for pizazz with these gold vermeil chandeliers with Austrian crystals and green pearls. You'd be amazed at what these shades look great with!

Necklace lovers...this is the best layering piece! Labradorite has flashes of iridescence of color with every turn and this necklace is accented with turquoise, but labradorite is a stone that accents every color it's put with. Absolutley goregous alone but looks great when layered for a truly unique look.

These are some ideas to get your jewelry wardobe started or even updated. Many other styles are available to collect all year long and keep you looking tres chic! Jewelry is a great and an afforable way to update your look without breaking the bank and can give you many looks from a few key pieces!

Congratulations to all graduates!
"may you shine and sparkle!"