Tuesday, April 14, 2009

LBD's - Anything But Boring!

My parents were going to be celebrating their 50th Anniversary! Monumental occasion - Congrats to the lucky couple! Time to celebrate with cherished family and friends with a fabulous and special party planned - Now the great dilemma starts -
'what shall I wear?'

I decided to spend an evening shopping in my closet and trying on many different ideas of ensembles. As one of the hostesses I wanted to look special. I came across an older matching black skirt and top with lots of texture and decided that what was I looked best in, although a bit short on the length of the top. The next day,I proceeded to hunt down black satin ribbon to add to the bottom of the top for length and additional texture and tweak the neckline a tad. The outcome was stunning and I felt like I had a new outfit! I added a burst of color by layering my jewelry with turquoise, Austrian crystals, aquamarine and sterling chain. They give a pretty contrast against the black.

There were many versions of the Little Black Dress (LBD)worn at the party. (No, it wasn't a black tie affair)...just classic elegance at it's finest. A few guests opted for a black and white classic combo - always crisp and right at any age. Color peeked thru with shades of red, blue and green as well. The variety of styles
(ruffles, sequins, polka dots, textures, belted) were refreshing and interesting to see how all ages accessorized their LBD's. The guests wore pearls in both classic and chunky styles, gold chains, diamond stud earrings, hand blown beads and more. Even my father wore a black suit that was accent with a classic striped white/ black tie! My mother was tres chic in a black mesh loose cardi and tank set that she embellished with long matte bronze chains offset with a stunning vintage pin for a dramatic effect. They made a stunning grand entrance!

With so many styles of the Little Black Dress and multiple ways to embellish them they are an asset to anyone's closet! LBD's are anything but boring!