Monday, February 23, 2009

Jewelry Wardrobe Styles

Jewelry Wardrobe

Recently, while I was planning a long weekend away, I was in a quandary of what jewelry to bring. The weekend plans were going to be casual spending time with family and visiting college campuses with my son. As usual, my typical packing frenzy mode ensued, my jewelry was the last to be packed. I was trying to streamline my jewelry choices with my traveling "jewelry wardrobe". I will always carry my jewelry in my travel bag or purse, not my suitcase so it doesn't get lost!

My traveling "jewelry wardrobe" consists of my favorite hoops, either gold vermeil or sterling silver, one other dangle earring, five bracelets all to mix and match as I like to wear three bracelets at a time; two necklaces with one being longer and one being shorter to create two different looks by layering! All of the pieces that I brought with me coordinated with all of my casual outfits to give bursts of unexpected color and texture while looking chic! recommends these pieces of jewelry to create a versatile "jewelry wardrobe" for all your occasions and events whether they are for work, stay-at-home moms, girls night out, date night, prom, bridal and every occasion in between!

~Hoops, sterling silver and gold, in two sizes, either with or without dangles ~Shorter elegant yet casual pair of earrings, either post or elegant wire, pearls, stunning stone, or crystals
~Bracelets of all varieties to "Layer, Stack and Mix" for more versatility
~Necklaces that can be worn layered or alone
~Statement necklace

We already have the basics for our individual jewelry wardrobe so spend some time to "Layer, Stack, and Mix" with what you already have and then let help you create the missing pieces in your "jewelry wardrobe!"

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Classics With Panache Pictures

Here are some stunning styles with pearls, crystals and turquoise that are all being currently featured in collections!

Pearls with textured black chain that can be worn long or doubled.

Austrian crystals and turquoise - an unexpected stunning combination!

Champagne pearls with a delicate sterling chain that can be worn long, doubled or tripled for a choker look.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Classics With Panache

Fashion icon Coco Chanel was really on to something when she started to layer pearls upon pearls with her outfits more than 60 years ago.

The classic white pearl has evolved over the years with a variety of ensembles and styles, from the long pearls worn in the flapper era, to pearl chokers worn by Donna Reed of "Father Knows Best" and the sweater twinset of the 1950's, to the preppy Fair Isle sweaters of the 1970's- 1980's, to the "Tin Cup" movie style of the 1990's to today. Pearls are ever so chic on everyone from the ingenue to the bride. Pearls also look chic when worn with a T-shirt and jeans! Throw on a blazer or great jacket, pair with a scarf and you're good to go -- anywhere! *When wearing a scarf make sure that your necklaces are longer so they can be seen.*

Today, you see pearls in all lengths and worn with every outfit and for every occasion! Pearls are available in both natural and dyed shades and many shapes are available.

When you layer your pearl necklaces with your other necklaces that have different materials such as crystals, turquoise, chains - think "edgy" (sterling, gold vermeil, bronze or black chain). It will add variety to your wardrobe and depth while giving you a unique look that you can vary all the time. designs a versatile necklace that can be worn three ways:
long, doubled or tripled to a choker length. These necklaces look great when mixed with labradorite that adds a flash of iridescence, crystals that add sparkle, turquoise that is chic, amazonite that is gorgeous when mixed with bronze pearls,and so much more! A great look is a "Tin Cup" style necklace worn with a longer necklace doubled or tripled into a choker.

A favorite combination of mine is pearls and turquoise! Yes, you did read right - pearls and turquoise! Opposites attract, right? The pearls, smooth, full of luster and texture, iridescence, look stunning when mixed with turquoise in any shade of blue to green to yellow whether the turquoise is faceted, rough, polished or nuggets. Turquoise looks great when worn with the tropical colors like, orange, yellow, green and fuchsia as well as a POP! of color with navy, brown, gray, black and crisp white.

Pearls and turquoise - a jewelry wardrobe "must-have"!