Friday, September 10, 2010


Friday, September 10, 2010 -FASHION'S NIGHT OUT 2010 is here!

This year, the idea is the same as last year's first FNO, but this year is bigger and better than last year! Many stores, both large and small as well as many indie shops
( ie ~ and www. across the globe are having their own specials, from favorite designers appearing in many shops and stores to celebrities mixing drinks (Mary Kate and Ashley are reported to be playing bar tenders in NYC again this year) ~ to music of all kinds (Bette Midler and Sarah Jessica Parker are also rumored to be entertaining the customers by signing show tunes) ~ to have fun previewing the new spring 2011 fashion shows and of course - shopping!

Fashion is an important part of New York City's economy, with jobs, taxes etc and is very influential to the overall economy... so why not have fun tonight? What is being featured in the stores now, are the styles that were seen last year at FNO. Tonight's evening event has been compared to a New Year's Eve party! So, what are you waiting for? Put on your best denim, military inspired jacket, embellished tops, Manolo's, Jimmy Choo's, grab your satchel and off you go!

Check out your own city's events and have a blast celebrating

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